Tips To Install Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM

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Sugar CRM is a leading software firm located at Cupertino, California that manufactures the popular web application used for customer management activities. This CRM software is available as commercial open source application and open source application.

It was in the year of 2014 that the firm announced they would not release advanced open source versions of its community edition. The functionality of Sugar CRM is far better when compared to other CRM software available in the market. The technical features of the software are inclusive of customer support, social CRM, marketing campaigns and sales-force automation. The company also operates numerous websites and sells mainly three editions of the software and they are Sugar Professional, Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate. You can see that each of these software editions is derived from the similar code tree.

It is imperative to have effective customer management techniques to maintain optimal customer retention. One of the major advantages of using the CRM software is that you will be able to enhance sales force automation in an efficient manner. Adding to that, you will also be able to track and monitor marketing campaigns over numerous management networks. The ultimate aim of using the software is to store important customer information in the data storage bases. You can data mine this information in an effective manner and improve customer relations.

Are you the owner of a business concern? Then it is highly recommended that you install Sugar CRM. With the below mentioned steps you can successfully install the software.


  • Switch on your computer and make sure that you are logging on as the administrator.
  • Shut down all the programs and insert the CRM software installation CD and you can see the installation wizard on your screen.

    Management Networks

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  • Enter the installation code and click Next once you have correctly entered the key input.
  • Read the end user agreement and click on Next
  • Check all the program applications that you prefer to install. This will be inclusive of the option for mobile phone monitoring and the plug-ins that are used with Microsoft Office.
  • Click on Next to locate the installation name and location of the software.
  • Click on Install for completing the installation process.

Restart your computer and make sure that the settings that you have made to your computer are applied and the CRM software is now working in the perfect way.

Forming And Maintaining Effective Relationships With The Customer

Customer Relationship Management

           Customer Relations Program

Customer relationships play a vital role in every business. With good customer service, a business can always ensure customer satisfaction and thus retain customers with its business. With the right kind of customer relationship management, you can ensure improved sales and thereby generate increased revenue from the business. Some of the important points associated with customer relations management programs are mentioned in this post. These points help you to find out the value of each customer towards the business.

Customer share

When you run a business, you always need to devise methods that would increase customer share. One of the techniques to increase the share of the customers is to reward them with coupons for the purchases made. It is also a good strategy to provide the existing customers with discounts as and when they refer new customers to your business. You may also offer them discounts for the services of associated companies.

Customer’s lifetime value

You must be able to calculate the lifetime value of each of the potential customer associated with your business. For instance, if you run a car dealership, calculate how many cars this customer can purchase in his lifetime. The customer’s value would also depend on the referral customers they might bring to the business.


Equity is derived using the customer’s money, which is used to create profit. After evaluating the potential of a customer, you should be able to find out how much profit the customer can bring to the company and the cost involved in retaining the customer with the company.

High value customers

Management Programs

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Each customer should be evaluated by the profit that he/she can bring to the company. When you find that a customer can bring in high profits, make sure that the sales are made to this customer personally. You may market the products directly to these customers, as the chances of sales are more with them.

Give priority to the customer

This theory is an essential component of all businesses. Since customers bring in profit to the company, they should be given priority in your business. Giving priority to the customers would make the customer happy and bring in additional revenue to the business.

With the above mentioned points in mind, you can maintain a healthy relationship with your customer. Keep in mind that with good customer relationship management, your business is going to get the much needed boost and this would bring in more revenue in due course of time.

Tips For Drafting An Effective CRM Strategy


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Anyone venturing into business should know what CRM is. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As you can infer from the expansion, it is the process that involves ensuring effective, healthy and long time relationship with the customer base. The idea of customer relationship management evolved from the fact that customers are the backbone of any successful business. If there are no customers, there is no business.

How to improve customer relationship management?

There are two important prerequisites for any successful business; the quality of the product or service offered and customer relationship management. First of all, you need to ensure that the product or service you have to sell is up to the standards. Today’s market is highly competitive. If your customers realize that your product is not up to the standards, they will go for alternative products available.

Similarly, as an entrepreneur, you have the duty to ensure that your customers are satisfied. Each and every concern of the customers need to be addressed on time. The company should also focus on implementing various welfare schemes for the customers and for the society. This will leave a good impression about your company among people.

What CRM strategy should I adopt?

There is no general Customer Relationship Management strategy. Each business seems to have different Customer Relationship Management strategy. You should be following a Customer Relationship Management strategy that befits your customer models. Here are a few steps to help you evolve an effective Customer Relationship Management strategy for your business.

Integrate a well experienced team for Customer Relationship Management

When you form a team for the customer relationship management of your business, make sure that you have at least a few well experienced staff in the team. Definitely, it may be more expensive than hiring fresh candidates for the post. But, in the long run, it could turn out to be a factor of success.

Customer Relationship Management Team

                              CRM Strategies

Goal setting and home works

The Customer Relationship Management team of your business should be given short time goals as well as long time goals. They should be inspired to do their home works from time to time. And, most importantly, be kind enough to appreciate the team for the goals achieved.

A company with a sound Customer Relationship Management team and solid strategy is sure to mark success. So, invest your time and resources in these and I am sure your business will become an envious one sooner than later.

Why Is CRM Needed For Small Businesses?

CRM tools

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If you are planning to start a small business of yours, you need to know the most vital thing – customer satisfaction. Anything connected to customer is of extremely high import. You need to try everything possible for keeping your customers happy so that they will avail your services or buy your products again. Customer Relationship Management has become a popular business and Information Technology term nowadays. Actually, Customer Relationship Management is nothing new because businesses have been following some kind of relationship management since time immemorial.

Every business needs to follow some kind of customer relationship management process, but it becomes more useful when the whole process is focused and automated. This is where CRM tools and software comes into picture. Do small businesses require Customer relationship management software? Actually, yes, they do require CRM tools. Agreed, you may not be having too many customer management issues when your company is small because there are fewer customers.  However, when you enterprise grows the number of activities concerning the customers will definitely increase. For that, you need CRM software for gaining better visibility, developing more skilled and knowledgeable workforce and above all attracting a more loyal client base.

CRM technology provides small businesses a place, where they can store information and develop an overall view of customers and their requirements. CRM is the best possible tool when it comes to creating customer loyalty and boosting the sales.

CRM creates a wonderful opportunity for the sales team to connect, personalize and turn prospective clients into actual sales. When all the clients and pipeline information is available in one place, CRM provides the salespeople opportunities to work together as a team, across boundaries, with better insights. Lead generation becomes much more effective when the teams are allowed to gather social data and the CRM technology makes it possible.

customer satisfaction

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For the customer care team, CRM provides better opportunities to agents for engaging with clients on a more personal level and in an efficient manner. CRM makes available all the past interactions with the customer and also the type of issues discussed and rectified before.

Finally, for the marketing team, CRM helps in reducing the complexity involved in various campaign strategies. Behavior data can help to see how customers have connected with the brand and their experience.

Overall, implementing CRM technology is something crucial for the success of your business. However, like in adopting any new business approach, the basic systems need to be in place for determining the success of CRM in your business.

4 CRM Services You Can Use For Free

Free CRM Software

             CRM Software Options

Chances are low that you haven’t heard of CRM already, seeing as it’s one of the most used acronyms in business circles, these days. Most people don’t properly understand what CRM entails. It simply involves practices by a company that let it maintain a good rapport with customers and clients. The software is what collects the relevant information you have about a customer, and then, through analysis and suggestions, help you with making the best use of this data.

There are a few free CRM software alternatives available on the internet. They are the following.


This is easy to pass over and that’s exactly what many people do. But when you’ve taken a look at what they offer, you’ll notice the benefits. The main objective of the software is to give the company their own private social network. This is augmented by CRM features, sales automation, lead management, etc. You also get invoicing, emailing, and sales reports, not to mention a pipeline dashboard.

CRM aside, you get provisions for project management, calendars, and file sharing. You’ve to check out more on their website to see, which of these features comes with the free version.

Zoho CRM

This one is a highly popular service, and has been raking away market shares through providing one of the best set of CRM features and tools for businesses. From Zoho you get a myriad of products ranging from accounting to help desk. The CRM solutions they offer are highly refined, and could be of great help, especially to a small business.

Capsule CRM

project management service

             Online CRM Software

A makeover of Javelin, this free CRM software alternative works by integrating its features with Google’s Gmail, and because of that, it is highly popular among small and medium businesses. The service offers a free account, which though sufficient for up to moderate businesses, may stifle bigger businesses with its restrictions. No outstanding features mark it out, but I’ve got to give it at least a 9 for the look and feel, especially comparing it with SalesForce.


This is a product from 37Signals, the creator of Basecamp, the acclaimed project management service. Highrise fits the needs of most businesses, with provisions for monitoring tasks and productivity. The options are simple and highly comprehensible, and do not compromise on straightforwardness when it comes to displaying results.

These are the four great free CRM software alternatives available for download on the internet. The features in the free version might change, so check them out again.

About CRM Software

What Is CRM Software

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Any business needs CRM practices to augment the customer services they provide. For this, it is essential to have a way to create and manage entries for customers. If you wonder what is CRM software, know that it is what lets you perform a wide range of activities surrounding the management of customer relationships. Software such as this would essentially benefit large businesses the most, with the expansive sets of customer details and orders they have to manage.

What is CRM Software good for?

Use of a CRM software helps with managing the customers, and appraising their needs. Proper use of a CRM system would require proper amounts of human input. That way it can be made to serve the customer service needs expressly, allowing representatives to quickly dispatch issues any customer is facing.

Time it takes to set up

Getting a CRM system ready for use can take anywhere around a few months. How long it takes will depend on how good your infrastructure is. You will need the CRM system to be compatible with your current setup, and this can be hard if the network already uses another CRM system. In addition, the transition is harder with database backend and permissions architecture already in place.

Types of CRM systems

There are CRM systems that can be bought and installed right away. Alternately, cloud-hosted CRM services are available too, and these bring in web browser services as well. The user can sign in to an online interface and use the provisions from an external vendor directly. For a large business however, it is better to have an owned and local CRM system at their disposal, preferably developed by their own staff.

How CRM systems help

Before anyone came up with the idea to use software for business streamlining, people used post-its to take note of their customer calls. Losing one of them meant you forgot to call back the person whose name was on the note. Consequently, you lose customer trust.

Customer Relationships

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In that light, what is CRM software useful for can be very impressing. Using one lets you set up alerts, automate message sending, and store all your customer data for future retrieval. Before deciding a CRM system to adopt though, you require a clear idea of your particular customer management needs. Make sure it will allow you to operate within your company values and objectives, and that it is not a drag on network resources.

Its best if the system uses existing technology on the network that is hosting it. For more on CRM and related business processes, check out the latest post here.

How To Take Advantage Of CRM Software

CRM application

            Features of CRM application

Earlier, a CRM application was used only by big business houses. However, finding out the various benefits of the software, it is now being widely used by small businesses too. In fact, CRM software has become an essential part of small business infrastructure. With this software, the profit earnings of these businesses have gone up considerably and handling of the customers have become smoother. Let us check out some of the benefits of using CRM software.

  • A good CRM application will be focused on the customers and the product related services would be secondary in it.
  • The software will enable business houses to collect and maintain data of large number of customers. As this data is stored in a central server, it can be easily accessed from any location.
  • Most of the CRM software applications enable users for one-to-one interactions. This increases the business prospects and thereby the profits.
  • The software provides a real time list of potential customers and set of exclusive prices.
  • Administrators can manage these applications from any location.
  • The software provides users with a clear picture of sales forecast and plans accordingly.
  • CRM software records customer transactions that help you categorize potential customers.

Before choosing a CRM application, there are certain things that you should note. Let us go through these things below.

  • The software you choose should enable you to customize it according to your business needs.
  • The ability to provide you detailed reports of all customer transactions and access them from any location.
  • The software should be able to facilitate interactions between the vendors, management and the customers.
  • Your CRM software should be interactive in nature, so that it becomes a fun to work with and deal with the customers.

    software applications

               Advantages of CRM application

  • A good interface would be an added advantage of the CRM software. Therefore, check out the applications that offers a simple interface to work with and ones, which do not have complicated tools that make working with it difficult.
  • As your business grows, you may have to upgrade the software to meet the new requirements. Therefore, it is advisable that your CRM software is capable of making future upgrades without much complicated procedures.

With good CRM software, you will have a clear concept of analyzing potential problems with your business, and in turn, take steps to rectify it.

Loading Microsoft CRM Functionality

CRM Application

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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship application is software that is developed by Microsoft to help businesses in their marketing activities. This also helps organize the relationship of the company with their customers. The functionality of this software can be extended with components that are created by third party developers or by integrating the CRM application with the Microsoft Office package. Many versions are available for Microsoft Dynamics and they differ by functionality and price. This makes Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management software suitable for both small and large businesses. The steps to load Microsoft Dynamics CRM are discussed in this article.


  • Turn on your PC and log on as the Administrator of it. This way you will have permission to make configuration changes to the PC at the installation.
  • Put the Microsoft Dynamics CRM CD into the CD drive installed on your computer and then open the disc drive from the interface by clicking on Start, selecting Computer, and then double clicking on the drive letter that is assigned to the CD drive.
  • Wait for the installation wizard to begin and then follow the on-screen prompts. You can download the latest version of the software from the Microsoft CRM website. After finishing the download successfully, double click on the downloaded file to run it. Doing this will start the installation wizard.
  • Choose the Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM option and then click on the Next button. Wait for the installation log to be displayed. Choose the installation type that you wish to have and ensure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements to install Microsoft Dynamic CRM. The installer of Dynamics CRM will start copying the files on your computer.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

                                CRM Solution

  • Click on the Close button when the installation is finished successfully.

These are the simple and easy to follow steps to load Microsoft CRM functionality to your PC. It is obvious that installing a CRM in your company will surely help you to increase the satisfaction of your customers and thereby your business. CRM software will also help you analyze your sales and will help you to know in which area you have to improve. This will allow the users to introduce new sales plans to attract more and more customers to their business.

If you wish to know more about CRM, you can gather relevant information from experts in the field.

Reasons To Use CRM In Your Small Business Venture


                     CRM info

Successful business happens mostly due to methodical follow-ups. Follow-up seems simple, but to do it on a consistent basis may not be easy. In order for your potential customer to buy from you, he or she must like you and above all trust you. Every relationship is based on trust. Business and customer relationship is no different.

Just think of the scenario, where you want to buy a product where the price is within your range. But, you do not buy the product, just because the sales person did not treat you well or his service was not satisfactory. Gone are the days when a business could have survived by providing just a good product or service. Customers, these days, will only buy from you when they trust you.  For that to happen, you would have to contact your potential customer multiple times. That does not mean, you need to irritate the prospective customer. You have to be consistent and avoid losing the flow of the last conversation with your potential customer.

Since you are running a small business, you may be able to handle the customer load. But, it is extremely difficult to remember all the conversations you had with your customers or following up with certain potential customers. This is where customer relationship management software can be useful. This way, you will be able to easily handle the increasing number of customers when your company grows. A CRM application is a pretty useful piece of software that has been specifically designed to assist you in keeping track of all the details, follow-up dates, conversations, appointments and customer personal information. You can rely on customer relationship management software to always remember everything important concerning that contact.

If this is not good enough to convince you regarding the importance of CRM, let us discus some of the reasons why you need a customer relationship management software.

Best way to be organized:

Customer relationship management software integrates emails, tasks and other information to one easily maintained and managed place.

Tracking tasks

Customer relationship management helps you keep track of every possible task and every event. Moreover, the software relates them to the appropriate customer or lead, making things extremely convenient.

running a small business

                     CRM software

Saves previous communications

What if you wanted to look back and see some communication you had with a customer a long time ago? The software saves all the previous communications you had with your customer or potential customer. It maintains the stream of communications between your company and the customer.

So many advantages and all this, with a piece of software. Take some quality customer relationship management software for a test drive and witness the benefits yourself.

How To Add Outlook Contacts To Sugar CRM

Customer Relations Management

                       Features Of Sugar CRM

Many people consider SugarCRM as one of the best software applications in the market for customer relations management. Sugar CRM has gained much popularity, as it is an open source application that comes with a wide range of features. SugarCRM enables users to customize it right from its Admin interface. That is, the customization does not require you to alter the codes. However, since this is an open source application, you can choose to customize the application by making changes to the codes.

An advantage of using Sugar CRM is that it allows users to create support websites for their companies. This is made possible with the help of readymade codes in the program and the various templates available in it. SugarCRM also enables users to integrate with other applications like Outlook. However, this can be accomplished only with the help of Sugar Plugin. This plugin is exclusively designed for using Outlook with the program. In this post, we will find out the steps involved in moving Outlook contacts to SugarCRM.

Steps Involved

  • Double-click the shortcut icon for Outlook and launch the program.
  • If a pop up for user name and password shows up, enter it and log in to the account.
  • Choose the option Contacts in the program. This will give you the list of all business contacts and other contacts stored in the program.
  • Select all the contacts by pressing the keys Ctrl and A together. If you do not wish any of the contacts in the list to be selected, then press the Ctrl key and click the unwanted contacts. This will deselect the contacts.
  • Right click on any location in the hard disk and choose the option New. Select Folder from the new menu and give name to the folder as Import to SugarCRM.
  • Copy the selected contacts to the newly selected folder in VCF format.

    How To Add Outlook Contacts To Sugar CRM Customer Relations Management

                    Advantages Of Using Sugar CRM

  • Double-click the shortcut icon for SugarCRM and launch the program.
  • Enter Sugar CRM username and password to login to the account.
  • Choose the option Contacts and then select Create Contract from vCard.
  • Open the folder Import to SugarCRM.
  • Choose all the contacts in the folder and select the button Import vCard.

With the above steps, you can transfer all the contacts from the Outlook program to SugarCRM. By this, you can avoid the troubles of adding each contact to SugarCRM that are present in the Outlook list.